09 Aug 2008

Olympic Games Beijing 2008

Olympic Games Beijing 2008

LiveTools mobilized to provide Euro Media Group with new technological means to achieve the long distance terrestrial wireless HD RF coverage of all game events that took place outside of the stadiums, with the only exception of the Sailing competitions.

Euro Media Group HF department has used our equipments on various Olympic venues in Beijing, most notably Road cycling, Marathon, Triathlon and Road Walk.

For the first time, mobile high-definition contribution has been achieved in a terrestrial-only environment, without the ease of helicopter relays, exploiting only multiple terrestrial reception sites.In this difficult propagation scenario, Livetools products guaranteed robust and almost error-free links with datarates over 15Mbps.

All these broadcasting needed:

  • 40+ LiveRunner (transmitter)   
  • 100+ LiveTracer (receiver)   
  • 10+ Remote Control Systems to remote THOMSON LDK 8000 Head

to equip the camera-motorcycles, Wescam-helicopters, terrestrial receiving sites.
Euro Media Group dispatched to Beijing more than 100 people, 7 heavy mobile production vehicules and accompagnying vehicules from different group companies to provide multicamera coverage of numerous competitions to international transmission signals.