15 Apr 2012

Paris Marathon 2012

EMF’s RF teams, whose ‘savoir-faire’ and experience in the coverage of marathons (La Rochelle, Cassis, Olympic Games) is internationally recognised, were once again present (and have been present since 1992) at the annual Paris Marathon broadcast on France 3.

Today, the Paris Marathon is one of the 5 most important marathons in the world (behind New-York, London, Berlin and Chicago), as much as for the number of participants, for the equipment put into place, as for the performances of the athletes (the 2 marathon records- men and women- were beaten this weekend).  

From the start of the race, OB truck HF16 and 3 cameras (2 in the crowd) were installed along the Champs Elysées, where the runners started from, heading towards Concorde, to finish 42.195km later on the Avenue Foch.

During the race, 4 image bikes, 2 sound bikes (1 of which was dedicated to Laurent Jalabert as consultant-jogger for France Télévisions) and 1 travelling vehicle equipped with HF covered the Parisian streets.
An HF1 OB truck and another HFR OB truck completed the technical equipment on the ground, whereas in the skies a relay plane handled the broadcasting and a helicopter equipped with a Cinéflex ball filmed aerial views of Paris.