15 Jul 2013

Bastille Day Parade: EMF at the controls

Bastille Day Parade: EMF at the controls

Euro Media France was entrusted by TF1 with the live broadcast of the official July 14th 2013 ceremonies. This annual event gets massive coverage on TV. This year the military parade had a decidedly African flavour as the 12 African nations which fought alongside France earlier this year in Mali opened the parade. More than 5000 personnel, 240 horses, 265 land vehicles and a hundred winged aircraft and helicopters were also on the programme.

To mark the occasion and provide the best possible pictures, EMF deployed an impressive arsenal of equipment and personnel out on the Champs-Elysées. OB truck XXL3 was stationed on the Place de la Concorde, streaming pictures exclusively to TF1 from 15 cameras (including 7 wireless) placed all along the most beautiful avenue in the world, covering the scene both from the ground and the air. Content enrichment crews were also on hand working hard to encrust the regimental badges onto the pictures.

Brilliant feats of engineering were the order of the day including simultaneous video and audio links between Louis Bodin aboard a C135 transport plane, Christophe Pallée in a tank parading along the Champ-Elysées and Denis Brogniart in a Caracal helicopter.

EMF subsidiary companies were also on hand to contribute their expertise: Livetools provided the digital transmitters and receivers, LUMEX was in charge of providing power to our installations and after the parade S-TV crews, supported by EMF's HFi3 truck, beamed live coverage from Les Invalides of a simulated commando drop enacted by the French Air Force. Famous TV host Denis Brogniart was in the commentary box.

In all, 50 people were mobilised for this special operation with production managers Dorothée Fougère and Jean Castillejos coordinating operations, and special mentions for Emmanuel Cherrier's incredible video work and Gwen Yvon's no less remarkable audio coverage, as well as for Eva, our ever-friendly salesperson, who was hoarse by the end of the day! The mission was a success, as 2.9 million viewers watched the parade live on TF1, representing an audience share of 32.2%.