30 Sep 2013

Livetools Technology back from the IBC

Livetools Technology back from the IBC

Livetools Technology was doubly present at the IBC Amsterdam show, last September 13-17. Livetools' latest innovations, its ‘HD Runner’ uplink and ‘HD Tracer’ downlink products, were on view on both the EMG and Grass Valley stands.
Our new motorbike backpacks - the latest innovations to emerge from the company’s engineering labs - are specially designed to reduce camera weight. The transmitter is housed in the motorbike's gear bag, thus considerably increasing the cameraman's freedom of movement.
Our wifi backpack enables the new HD Runner transmitter to be fitted into Grass Valley camera blocks, thus giving them HD capability without increasing their original dimensions.

The kit was mounted on the motorbikes that carried Livetools equipment while covering sporting events such as the Tour de France. Our engineers were on hand to answer visitors' questions.

We would like to thank Grass Valley for their warm welcome and for allowing us to exhibit our new technology right at the heart of the show.
By the way, do not miss the video shot on this occasion.

We look forward to seeing you at next year's IBC. In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us for a brochure: contact@livetools.tv