The HD RUNNER III is the latest and greatest generation of wireless camera transmitter from Livetools Technology. The modular approach and the technical qualities make it the most flexible and adaptive offer on the market for wireless SD/HD portable applications.

  Advanced custom OFDM modulation, variable bandwidth: 4,8,10,20MHz; custom bandwidths available on demand. The base version include a 100mW radio output; adding a radio module allow transmissions in several large frequency bands, between 1.4 and 7.9GHz with 1W output power for more demanding applications

  Advanced H264 encoding, 4:2:2 profile, up to 1080p60; four high-quality audio channels, ultra-low delay, down to 33ms

  Embedded camera control for the most common professional camera brands

  High-quality graphical color display for local control, easily readable

  Multiple audio, video and data interface for maximum flexibility

  Compact-flash recording and easy upgrade, with regular releases for features evolutions

  Reduced power consumption and size