Our Products

Livetools is providing compact and portable digital transmitters and receivers for wireless cameras and TV production systems.

LiveTools products range is constituted of:

Our products cover the following applications:
  • Wireless cameras for News, Sports or Studio.
  • Mobile transmissions from Motorcycles, Cars, Helicopters, etc...
  • Relay stations from High locations, Helicopters, Airplanes, etc...
  • News gathering contribution links (news truck to studio or point to point)
  • Security and law-enforcement
Our products are flexible and open to systems evolution and upgrades:
  • They can be adapted to many brands of video cameras (Sony, Thomson, Panasonic, etc...)
  • They can be adapted to many system configurations (News, Sports, Mobile, Studio, etc...)
  • They can be easily upgraded to support future evolutions and options.
Among such evolutions and options we can notice:
  • A package for two-way MRC diversity reception;
  • DVB-T pro: an improved DVB-T modulation system especially suited for difficult mobile applications;
  • A comprehensive wireless control system providing multi-cameras control.

To support such evolutions, all of LiveTools products are based on a unique flexible and programmable hardware platform.

With interchangeable RF modules and evolutive OFDM-based modulation, the HD Runner III and HD Tracer III are ready to wipe out DVB-T limitations.

In the fastly moving world of digital wireless transmissions, this is the only way to save customer investment for the future!