Technical Characteristics



 Up to 4 cameras in a single UHF channel (12.5KHz)

 Support 2 diferent control modes:

  • Unidirectional for complex, long range operations
  • Bidirectional for low latency setups

 Support most popular professional camera brands

  • Sony
  • GrassValley
  • Others on request

 Exploit original camera manufacturer control panels to maximize user comfort and minimize learning period

 Handle tally fl ags (red, green) and one additional GPIO, independently for each camera

 Sold with TRX transmitter

 wide frequency band for maximum fl exibility: 410-470MHz

 narrowband: 12.5KHz

 efficient GFSK modulation

 Ethernet port for device confi guration, HDRunnerIII remote control

 AC or DC power input (110-245Vac or 12Vdc)

 Power consumption: <10W

 Size: 220 x 350 x 44mm (Rack 1/2U)